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Raindance offers you all of the audio conferencing features you require with the flexibility
to customize your service based on your communication needs. With industry-leading
conference capacity, instant access, and integrated recording capabilities,
Raindance Reservationless Conferencing sets the standard for advanced
audio conferencing services...Pricing >>

Instant Access Never worry about scheduling, changes, cancellations, or a conference operator
Single Conference ID Use the same convenient access number for all of your conferences
Capacity Reduce limitations on conference size by having up to 125 people on the phone and thousands on the web
Conference Access Choose to have the conference begin when the moderator joins or when participants dial in
PIN Access Have the conference start only after the moderator enters their secure PIN
Participant Entry Choose how you are alerted of participants entering or exiting the call - Silent, Tone, or Name Announce
Dial- Out Dial-out to late participants and bring them into the call
Conference Lock Prevent unauthorized access to your conference and limit disruptions
Roll Call Capture participant names for additional security and accountability
Security Passcodes Add an additional layer of security with moderator created security codes
Phone Commands
Participant Count Verify how many people are on your call to determine if everyone invited is in attendance
Mute/Unmute Eliminate distracting noise and focus attention on the presenter
Conference Continuation End the conference when the moderator exits the call to eliminate unintended charges
Recording Record your conferences for later playback by simply using the *2 command
Email Summaries Monitor your conferencing usage by receiving email summary reports after each conference
Online Reporting View online usage reports 24/7 that display participant information and who accessed archived conferences
Billing Codes Easily track spending and billing by assigning specific billing codes
Web Commands
Web Features Have the flexibility of monitoring and controlling your audio conference from a web interface
Web Presentations Share and control visual presentations to enhance your audio conference
Web-Based Call Control Dial out, mute/unmute lines, lock the conference, take notes, request an operator, or end your conference from a simple web interface
Live Webcasting Initiate a webcast to reach thousands over the web in real-time
Participant Lists Know exactly who is on the phone and on the web
Submit Questions Have participants submit question over the web without interrupting the flow of presentation
Online Recording Record and name your conferences for easy management and later playback with synchronized audio and web

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