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Operator Assisted Features

Raindance Operator Assisted Conferencing offers a suite of conferencing features that can be customized based on your communication needs. Raindance's highly skilled specialists are available prior to, during and after your event to ensure it runs smoothly.

Before the Conference
Participant Notification Notify participants by having an operator call and confirm their attendance
Operator Dial Out Ensure all of your participants are seamlessly entered into your conference
Participant Dial In Give your participants the flexibility to connect to the conference at their convenience
Scalable Never worry about reaching conference capacity - reserve as many lines as you need, up to 2500
Participant Screening Provide pre-approved lists of participants allowed to ask questions
During the Conference
Operator Monitoring Have the operator screen your attendees to prevent unauthorized access
Roll Call Know exactly who is in your event
Voice Capture Record the names of your participants as they enter the call
Operator Access/COM Line Communicate privately with the operator any time during your conference
Security Lock Lock the conference to prevent anyone else from joining the call
Q&A/Polling Allow participants to signal they have a question and get feedback by asking multiple choice questions
Recording Record your conference digitally or on tape/CD for those who could not attend
After the Conference
Participant List Keep a record of who was on the call with an e-mailed or faxed list
Transcription Have your conference in written form - hard copy or on disk
Fax Services Distribute printed materials before or after the call

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